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Securing success in English at Primary and Secondary Schools

Demand grows for Creative Writing Magic Money Cards in the UK and on five continents.

"A very effective tool which can help pupils and the wider public with their writing."
Liam McArthur MSP, Orkney
Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee

"The improvement they bring in English skills is astonishing."
Stewart Jackson MP
Member of Parliament for Peterborough

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Business Leader and Dragons' Den Star Doug Richards with schoolboy entrepreneur Crawford Johnston

BBC TV Dragons' Den Guru Doug Richards Boosts Schoolboy's Education Idea

Business superstar and government adviser Doug Richards of BBC TV Dragons' Den fame championed Creative Writing Magic Money Cards highlighting that they offered a pioneering advantage in the teaching of writing skills and admiringly declared, "I can clearly see that these will work."

Delivering a detailed description of schoolboy Crawford's Johnston's educational idea to delegates at a recent Education and Enterprise Programme seminar Doug Richards stated that it was a clear example of an "innovative" product with a unique advantage, one of the proven key elements for success, and he pronounced, comparing the youngster to Steve Jobs, "Crawford is a little Apple".

Award winning authors plot support for literacy improvement idea

Bestselling authors have poured praise on fourteen-year-old Crawford Johnston's Creative Writing Magic Money Cards which improve children's writing skills at Primary and Secondary school. Improving literacy standards is amongst the greatest challenges in education today.

Children's Fiction prize winning author Meg Rosoff has joined with Alexander McCall Smith and the steadily growing group of influential writers and teachers - including SEN departments - who admire the young schoolboy's thoughtful method to improve English writing skills.

"I think they're brilliant and can see why schools and councils are picking them up. Fantastically clever to have put so many writing ideas together in that format. Congratulations…it's really a great idea."Meg Rosoff

"Magnificent. A most remarkable idea."Alexander McCall Smith

Teachers agree. When the UK National Union of Teachers (NUT) supports an idea then the educational establishment sits up and takes note. Over 300,000 teachers in their NUT membership magazine, The Teacher, can now read the praise for Crawford's Creative Writing Magic Money Cards which help 9 to 15 year olds across a range of ability levels improve their creative writing skills in English. (A method so versatile that it can also help adults.)

"Well thought out! Quite excellent!"Reviews Editor, The Teacher (the National Union of Teachers' magazine)

"Compelling"TES (Times Educational Supplement)

"Empowers learners and encourages them to work independently. Relevant and accessible. Would support any creative writing scheme of work or homework."Reviews NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English)

An experienced Head of Special Educational Needs meeting with the schoolboy founder to buy further sets for her department remarked that she was delighted with them and that they have the potential to work for a huge range of pupils, including those with special educational needs.

"One university professor was so impressed with my cards that he has encouraged his graduate students to help on my website," explains fourteen-year-old Crawford enthusiastically.

Questioned on his latest sales as he celebrates his first successful year in business the budding businessman smiles, "Sales to parents are racing forward - and to schools, too. They are far ahead of where I thought they would be after one year and sales stretch across four continents. It is very exciting. School kids like the cards because they help. They just get it."

Check out Crawford's latest news on his website at

See what headteachers have to say at

Great Expectations

Sometimes we all need a little help to improve and one British schoolboy has cracked the code to help students to progress in English.

For pupils aged 9 to 15 his new initiative tailored to the school curriculum offers a measurable boost in English writing skills. Homework, class work and exam scores improve markedly. (The system is so versatile that it can benefit adults, too.)

During two years of astonishingly successful trials fourteen year old schoolboy Crawford Johnston's Creative Writing Magic Money Cards to help Primary and Secondary school pupils improve English writing skills have attracted the attention of the Secretary of State's office - and many others.

Members of Parliament Shailesh Vara and Stewart Jackson lined up in support saying, "Creative Writing Magic Money Cards deserve to be in every school in the country. The improvement they bring in English skills is astonishing."

Mark Woods, Principal of Peterboroughs Nene Park Academy (formerly Orton Longueville School) had reports from their English teacher, Alison Croft: "Had a go with them today with Year 7 and I have to say that they went down a storm....They make learning fun and push students to think more creatively about their writing."

Headmaster of Oundle School, Charles Bush, commented, "Crawford has come up with a wonderful idea that could help teachers to teach better and children to write better. He has carefully analysed the structure of language and added a scientific approach to the process of creative writing. I have no doubt that his magic money cards can achieve improvement in the style and sophistication of childrens writing. It is a very useful resource."

A Year 7 pupil at Oundle School using the method scored an unbeatable 100% for the Creative Writing element of the end of year English exam. In Year 8, a Main English Prize for Poetry was awarded.

"Fantastic product", enthused a Lincolnshire Primary headteacher.

Complimentary correspondence continues to weave its way to the young schoolboy with every passing week.

"Magnificent, A most remarkable idea" - world famous authors.
(See also "A Remarkable Story" 12 March 2012)

"Compelling" - TES (Times Educational Supplement)

"Quite excellent!" - reviews editor, The Teacher (the National Union of Teachers magazine)

"Our eleven year old son passed the entrance exam to one of the secondary schools we had selected. But something special happened. The school photocopied our sons entrance exam essay for us to see, admiringly telling us, 'Exceptional. This is GCSE standard'".


In just a few weeks time sorcery will drift in the cinematic wind from Hogwarts across the nation when the latest Harry Potter film is released. But a different kind of magic is already blowing strongly across the land influencing pupils in our schools.

A thirteen year old Peterborough schoolboy has cracked the code for school pupils to improve their writing skills. And now he is making the educational tool available for everyone. It is aimed at pupils between the ages of 9 and 15 but is so versatile that it can also help adults.

City MP, Stewart Jackson MP jointly launching the cards by pushing the 'print button' with local schoolboy Crawford Johnston said,

"Creative Writing Magic Money Cards deserve to be in every school in the country. The improvement they bring in English skills is astonishing.

I am impressed that a schoolboy came up with the idea and particularly impressed that he is from Peterborough. I am very pleased to see Peterborough leading the way with distribution to our city's schools."

Mark Woods, headteacher of Peterboroughs Orton Longueville School had reports from their English Teacher, Alison Croft, that she "...had a go with them today with year 7 and I have to say that they went down a storm".

North West Cambridgeshire MP, Shailesh Vara, aware of the performance of the cards in schools in his constituency, added his own words of support,

"This is an exciting and creative project in Peterborough and I wish it success. Often it is young people who come up with great ideas and this is no exception. Crawford is to be congratulated".

Cllr Paula Thacker MBE, Mayor of the City Peterborough, added

"This is an invaluable tool to assist students in their aim to achieve good results."

Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Director of Education and Services, Peterborough City Council, announced that he has already arranged distribution to all Peterborough Primary Schools and is discussing extending the exercise into Secondary schools.

One Lincolnshire Primary head teacher offered a simple two words after personally teaching an English class using the method, "Fantastic product".

At Oundle School, Northamptonshire, one Year 7 pupil using the method scored an unbeatable 100% for the Creative Writing element of the end of year English exam. In Year 8, a Main English Prize for Poetry was awarded.

Schoolboy Crawford, having designed a system to improve his own performance in writing essays, noticed how powerfully effective it was. Others quickly observed the results too.

During two years of tests around the country, every trial for Crawford's Creative Writing Magic Money Cards has brought remarkable results.  The cards are tailored to fit in with the National Curriculum for Key Stages 2 and 3.

A range of further supportive comments from teachers and parents appears on their official website

From Harry Potter to Peterborough, magic is working wonders. The enchanting method to improve English skills is available at Even JK Rowling might be impressed by the wizardry.