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Securing success in English at Primary and Secondary Schools

Demand grows for Creative Writing Magic Money Cards in the UK and on five continents.

"A very effective tool which can help pupils and the wider public with their writing."
Liam McArthur MSP, Orkney
Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee

"The improvement they bring in English skills is astonishing."
Stewart Jackson MP
Member of Parliament for Peterborough

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Creative Writing Magic Money Cards

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What are Creative Writing Magic Money Cards?

Creative Writing Magic Money Cards improve writing skills across a broad range of ability groups in students aged 9 - 15. Competence with English comprehension also soars. Designed to be used at home or in classrooms they have been thoroughly tried and tested in schools and with families to unanimous acclaim.

Tailored to the National Curriculum in England, and other national ‘Excellence’ standards, they help score top marks in SATS tests, 11+, and at GCSE exam level. They are also flexible enough to help adults improve.

The results are swift and improvement is measurable. The techniques and tips are easily committed to memory. Users firmly establish all round ability with language and confidently progress.

The method can work effectively on its own or alongside any existing programme of learning as you can see in the array of terrific testimonials from schools, parents, leading teaching trade press and world famous bestselling authors.

TES (Times Educational Supplement)

"Well thought out! Quite excellent!"
Reviews Editor, The Teacher (the National Union of Teachers’ magazine)

"Magnificent. A most remarkable idea."
International bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith

"Completely wonderful."
Award winning author Joanna Trollope

"I think they're brilliant and can see why schools and councils are picking them up…Fantastically clever to have put so many writing ideas together in that format…Congratulations…it's really a great idea."
Guardian prize winning author Meg Rosoff

"A genius way to have fun while improving writing skills and scoring top marks in exams. Although designed as a writing aid the cards advance comprehension skills, too, as readers quickly begin to recognise the techniques authors use and advance their enjoyment and understanding of language."
London Mums Magazine

"Innovative. I can clearly see how these will work."
BBC TV Dragons' Den entrepreneur and business leader Doug Richards

"Crawford's inspiration behind these creative writing cards has been well placed, so many people are reporting back that they have gained significant boosts to writing ability, and the level of take-up by schools and parents is outstanding.…At the University of Lincoln we fully support this kind of educational and creative entrepreneurship and linking to the graduate talent here in Lincoln is a great way of us supporting Crawford in the growth of his business"
Professor David Sleight, Dean of Public Engagement at the University of Lincoln


"An inspiration to all the young people in Britain" – Shell LiveWIRE

Finalist Barclays 'One Small Step' new business award

Finalist at the prestigious Education Investor awards at Hilton Park Lane in London

Member of Parliament boosts the launch of Creative Writing Magic Money Cards

Winner of the 'Most Innovative Enterprise' Award by Young Lives

Shell liveWIRE Education Investor Awards 2012 Finalist
Education Investor Awards 2013 Finalist Young Lives