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And a selection of comments from parents –

"You could see the results at home in such a short space of time."

"Simply astounding"

"Our son struggled with creative writing. He now enjoys it. After one term he became one of the best in his class. Stunning."

"The cards have been brilliant. My 12 year old enjoys them as they are easy to read and follow. My eight year old uses them, too. We use them for homework. I tell you who else has found them!!"

"They are superb, exactly what I need to help my daughter."

"I'll definitely be recommending them to our school."

"Our eleven year old son passed the entrance exam to one of the secondary schools we had selected. But something special happened. The school photocopied our son's entrance exam essay for us to see, admiringly telling us, 'Exceptional. This is GCSE standard'."
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Marvellous testimonials about the power of Creative Writing Magic Money Cards

Designed by schoolboy Crawford Johnston to benefit pupils in the age range 9-15 years, Creative Writing Magic Money Cards have received extremely positive results and reviews.

"Had a go with them today with year 7 and I have to say that they went down a storm.The cards get students to focus on AFs* without them losing sight of the actual task in hand. They are a useful self assessment tool but rather than this assessment coming at the end, creating the necessity for re-drafting, they act as a constant reminder to students as they do the task the first time. Great! I can see that they could be used in many different ways and lend themselves to individual, paired and group work. They make learning fun and push students to think more creatively about their writing."

English teacher's report to Mark Woods,
Principal of Nene Park Academy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
(*AF refers to Assessment Focus for writing tasks.)

A Year 7 pupil at Oundle School using the method scored an unbeatable 100% for the Creative Writing element of the end of year English exam. In Year 8, a Main English Prize for Poetry was awarded.

"Crawford has come up with a wonderful idea that could help teachers to teach better and children to write better. He has carefully analysed the structure of language and added a scientific approach to the process of creative writing. I have no doubt that his magic money cards can achieve improvement in the style and sophistication of children's writing. It is a very useful resource."
Charles Bush, Headmaster, Oundle School

"The cards have been brilliant. My 12 year old enjoys them as they are easy to read and follow. My eight year old uses them, too. We use them for homework. I tell you who else has found them!"
Parent comment

"Fantastic product!"
Lincolnshire Primary headteacher

"I wish to order sets for every pupil in Years 5 and 6."
Cambridgeshire Primary headteacher
(9 months later this school's SATS results soared an enormous 41% - far surpassing its region's average to reach one of the top ranking regional league table positions, and achieving one of the highest recorded improvements in the UK.)

"Crawford's inspiration behind these creative writing cards has been well placed, so many people are reporting back that they have gained significant boosts to writing ability, and the level of take-up by schools and parents is outstanding.…At the University of Lincoln we fully support this kind of educational and creative entrepreneurship and linking to the graduate talent here in Lincoln is a great way of us supporting Crawford in the growth of his business."
Professor David Sleight, Dean of Public Engagement at the University of Lincoln

An experienced Head of Special Educational Needs meeting with the schoolboy founder to buy further sets for her department remarked that she was delighted with them and that they have the potential to work for a huge range of pupils, including those with special educational needs.

"The City of Edinburgh has added Crawford and his Creative Writing Magic Money Cards to its official suppliers list for schools."
City of Edinburgh

"A very effective tool which can help pupils and the wider public with their writing."
Liam McArthur MSP
Member of the Scottish Parliament's Education Committee

"The improvement they bring in English skills is astonishing."
Member of Parliament for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson